Sticky Chicken

One of my family favourites, very fast and healthy and absolutely delicious!
Sticky chicken_edited

8 skinless, boneless chicken thighs (or breast)
2 heaped tsp Chinese five-spice
4 tbsp sweet chilli or Char Sui
2 tbsp sesame seeds

Chinese cabbage or lettuce
Red Pepper
Apple or peach or nectarine,
sliced in thin wedges

Sprinkle each chicken thigh with salt and five-spice powder, spread the thighs on a cutting boads. Cover with cling film, then beat it with a meat tenderiser but not too thin, they should still keep their form. If you have time, leave it to marinate for a while. Fry 2-3 min on each side with a bit of peanut or veg oil. Sprinkle both sides with sesame seeds. Pour about 2 tbsp (I put more) of sweet chilli or Char Sui. Cover and leave on very low heat for 1-2 min for the sauce to thicken.
While all this is frying load plates with heaps of salad (you would not need noodles or anything else I think), nice to add cut apples, or grapes halved, nuts etc.

Serve chicken on top of salad, enjoy

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